A Quality Health Insurance Plan

Our Mission

To provide financial protection against the cost of medical care to individuals. Celtic's products assure our customers access to medically appropriate health care.

Our Approach

We serve customers in our market niches with high-value, innovative, customer-oriented products and services that are easy to understand, access and use. We intend to be a leader in each of our markets through the following attributes: financial strength and stability, organizational focus, integrity and fairness, and a work environment that encourages creativity and positive responses to change. Our goal is to continually strengthen our position as one of the nation’s leading specialty health insurers.

Our Core Values 

Integrity. Celtic upholds this value and considers it key in developing relationships in all areas of business – with our agents, our customers, other companies and within the organization itself. 

Customer. Our customers are the reasons why we are in business: therefore, we strive to provide them with the highest quality products and services possible. We also make every effort to establish positive relationships with these individuals in order to better understand and meet their needs. We’ve learned by listening to them that we must offer appropriate and useful products and services that are simple to use and easy to understand.

People. At Celtic, our employees make things happen. That’s why we strongly encourage the personal and professional development of every member of our organization. We support this development by offering different forms of education through industry-focused classes, courses in developing management and professional skills, and assistance in pursuing advanced education.

Environment. Because we live in an environment of rapid change, we must be able to react quickly in order to adapt and excel beyond our competitors. We value the differences in style and background that our agents, brokers, employees and customers bring to this organization as it is diversity that gives us responsiveness to change and makes us a stronger unit over time.